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Preparing for your spray tan

Properly preparing for a spray tan is crucial to getting the most out of your tan. It will help the tan look better, last longer and fade naturally.

Exfoliating 2-3 days prior with an exfoliating mitt helps remove the dead skin cells. You will want to exfoliate a minimum of 12 hours prior.

All hair removal, nails, lashes and hair treatments should be done the day before your appointment.


Day of your spray tan

Be sure to have no makeup, lotion or deodorant on for your appointment. Products on the skin can act as a barrier to the tan and create an uneven result.

Wear dark loose clothing and have your hair up and away from your face. Remove all jewelry prior to your appointment.


What to expect at your appointment

Brittani wants you to feel comfortable during your appointment. Women can choose to wear underwear, topless or nude. Solution used will be determined at your appointment and depend on tan needs and skin tone.

A cream and prep spray will be applied to you before your tan. Brittani will go over the motions of the tan and be sure you are comfortable

After care for your tan

Brittani will give a recommended rinse off time. The initial rinse off should always be a soapless, warm water quick rinse. The tan will take 24 hours to develop (even post rinse) so lotion is recommended after the first soap shower. You will want to always pat dry after your shower. Using paraben/sulphate free liquid soap and lotions post spray tan are always recommended. Avoid excessive sweating, bathing and pools for 24 hours post tan.

Get your spray tan today

Our spray tans leave your skin feeling hydrated, are fast drying and have an incredibly natural looking fade that does not get patchy. Clients rave about how long the tan lasts and natural the color looks.

What our clients say

I love my spray tan!! I got it over a week ago and it still looks great! I’m hooked!

It was my first spray tan that wasn’t from a stand up booth machine and Brittani made me feel completely comfortable. She’s very informative on how it works and how to make it look great even longer!

This girl is amazing. She fixed my horrendous spray tan by another place, and left me beautiful for my wedding! She's so easy going and relaxed. Would recommend to anyone! 🙂 Thanks Brittani!

I love her spray tans.. and on top of it she's super friendly and easy to talk to! She definitely makes you feel good about yourself and very comfortable. I'd recommend her 100 times over!

I have been to Britt a dozen times.. for a spray tan I have never felt more comfortable in the atmosphere she provides! My most recent spray tan is by far my favorite! Such a dark, gorgeous color that I fell in loveeeee with.... will be back soon Britt!

Brittani was absolutely amazing ! This was my first spray tan done by a person and she made me feel so comfortable and understanding of the process . I absolutely love my spray tan. Thanks girl !